About Us

FONEX, the choice of quality materials, fashion art and quality integration.To meet the quality requirements for glasses.

FONEX will set up the company in the world famous brand glasses largest OEM base - shenzhen.The eyewear industry is the dominant traditional industry in shenzhen. After nearly 30 years of development, the eyewear industry in shenzhen has formed the characteristics of large scale, high degree of agglomeration and complete industrial chain.

FONEX follows the design philosophy of light, elegant, stylish and simple. The exquisite design enables a pair of glasses to take you to the office and wherever your busy schedule allows.

FONEX, innovative without screw structure, careful design, superior quality and exquisite workmanship, reduce the spare screw parts, make the product more concise, which also means that FONEX glasses are more elastic.Provides additional comfort.

FONEX, with its choice of high-quality materials and design, focuses on making the wearer feel comfortable. The eyeglass leg can bend and deform at will.

FONEX, the lightest frame with a weight of only 4 grams and no more than 25 grams, has a perfect fit and a feathery feeling. Choose FONEX glasses to remove the shackles and start with light weight.

FONEX, combining style and functionality with clean lines, fine detail and lightness and comfort, offers the perfect combination of durability and style.The materials used are specially selected, including pure titanium, titanium titanium, high quality stainless steel, etc.